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3D ART- 
So for the time being 3D Art on here is going to slow down because I feel like I am burning through my inspiration/motivation (also I might need to take my laptop in. Nothing too serious it's just a little slow!) I do have a Hit!Croft picture I am working on though. I just need to fix bump maps and such. I'm not quitting just slowing down for awhile. 

So as you may know I LOVE to write. I have a fic (purely OC and I have talked to Charles about it..) I want to write whether it gets attention or not I am going to write. It's about a couple of RE OC's. Planning will take time, I am planning another fic with a friend atm.
I have also somehow started another fic?? It's not gonna be posted on here except for the first chapter perhaps and I haven't finished chapter one but if you've read my "Crawling" Fic this will be like that. A set of fics not particularly connected except by random that more or less tell a bit of the aftermath of characters. I've thought of a name. It's a "Carmilla" Fic. So if you watch that then you'll know. It's basically like Crawling (Crawling was/is a TR fic. I need to finish the last chapter of Crawling..) and I'm not sure how long I want it to be. Crawling is going to end on 10 chapters with an epilogue that could connect to a possible sequel in the future. 
I am working on something with a friend (more TR STUFF!) ANd you guys will either hate us or love us. If you like S.S. Endurance (Sam/Lara) that is.

So if you know me you know I make youtube videos. Which I still am doing and have gotten backed up on MEP (Multi Editor Project) parts and have to finish. Still if you want to check my videos out there's links below. 


Soo...if you know me you know that I love this neat little webseries called Carmilla. (IM HERE FOR LESBIAN VAMPIRES AND THEIR RAY OF SUNSHINE GIRLFRIENDS) 
This webseries is based on the novel by Le Fanu. Carmilla is a female vampire and the book predates Dracula by 26 years (SUCK ON THAT...puns :D) which THANKFULLY the webseries doesn't treat it's female vampire like the novel does I suppose. I promise you it's worth it. 
It has an almost all female LGBT+ Cast. There's even a non-binary character that prefers Their/Them/They pronouns that is a "mad scientist" and it's just awesome. Also Natasha Negovanlis whom plays Carmilla is just like idhoihsodfhsodihf so glad I'm gay. THE ENTIRE CAST OKAY???
So check it out
Season 1
Season 2
Season 0
We are trying to get a season 3. It's funny and feelsy. Not for everyone but never know. 
Trust me you'll like it if you like anything gay or vampire-y. ALSO. SEASON 2. BEWARE. It's still great just...why do I pick the ships that just oisdofihsdoihfos

I have somehow managed to get terrible sleeping habits again. If any of you knew me a couple of years ago you'd know I couldn't sleep worth shit. Now it has come back up. Anxiety has gotten a bit worse but I am managing.
I'd also like to take a minute to say something...a friend of mine that hasn't talked to me god knows how long. A year almost started talking to me and basically wanted me to make him feel better. I want to point out a lot of people do this to me and I GET TIRED OF IT. BUT. I will never turn someone who needs help, never ever. I never expect anything but having that reciprocated truly helps a lot. I just refuse to let people be as alone as I've felt and still feel at times. 
His girlfriend cheated on him and I reassured him. I asked him to go get an appointment because he said he hadn't been feeling good physically. I want to say that I have been there and if you've been cheated on NEVER give them the chance to do it again. AND REMEMBER YOU DO deserve so much better then that. I have been cheated on. It's not fun. You are worth more and deserve more. You ARE more. I swear to god you are. Okay? 

anyways I am off. I WILL TRY to reply to stuff later or tomorrow. If I forget or don't within a couple of days please send me an ask (anon or not) on my main blog. Sometimes I just forget.

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Art blog:
Fic blog:


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Lyssa M. Cook
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
support us! by Emmie-Pendleton HECCA AWESOME STAMPU by Emmie-Pendleton (why is there no S.S. Endurance Stamp?) FFXIII Fang x Lightning Stamp by UnaEtain
Just call me Lyssa. Or Whatever you want.

I'm just a nobody doing what she loves. I do amateur 3D art and Traditional Art. I write fanfictions and original stories and poems It takes me awhile to write them but I hope you don't mind.

I try to help my friends when they need or want it. I try to encourage them and help them move forward, after all it's a shock what I understand. When they feel down it tears me inside and I try to help them but it's not easy when people try to push you away. I still try and won't go away. I'm a no one who wants her actions and words to be something.

I am not taking requests now except on Photoshop tutorials.
It takes me two to four days to finish a picture in Blender Cycles I'm slow.

I use Xna Lara, Blender 2.73, Photoshop, and inspiration for my 3D works.

I love writing and everything you see here. If you have a problem of any kind feel free to note me.

I love music but who doesn't? I will listen to anything really and I love finding new music!

I also do GMV's on YouTube. feel free to stop by there and check it out. If you want! It's not mandatory.


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