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"Yup." Alex said paying no attention at all to what Rebecca was saying. Rebecca should have known considering Alex was in her teens now. Alex was still stairing at the B.S.A.A. agent across the hall from the room they where in.

"Alex." She was.paid no attention. "Alex?" still nothing. "Alexia!" Alex jumped but her attention was given to Rebecca finally. "He's to old for you. He's 22 and your 16."

"so? I'd still tap that." Rebecca hit her shoulder. "Come on aunty I was only half joking!" Rebecca mumbled something inaudible to Alex but Alex just smirked.

"you little sneaky girl. you've learned well." Rebecca smiled as she flipped through the pages in the paperwork left to her.

"Hey Aunty." Rebecca mumbled a hmm. "Where's mom?" Rebecca saw the concerning look on her nieces look.

"Oh darling....last I heard she, and Greg where in Siberia. she will be back." The look deepened on her face. "Your mom can survive anything. She's like me a survivor till the end. She's different so she can survive things I can't."

"yeah because of the viruses that-"

"But it doesn't make her any less of a good mother or an amazing person." Rebecca defended. "She's done things for me. She's saved me a few times. if you don't think she loves you then you should know....that when you and gabby where young girls she literally died for you. but she came back." Alex put her head down on the table.

"Excuse me." it was the smiling agent Alex fancied. Alex looked up and smiled.

"Hey there." she said smiling like a crazy woman.

"I was wondering-"

"Nope she can't." Rebecca spoke up. The man was about to speak. "She's 16. My niece. And too damn classy for you." Rebecca gave him a stern look. He turned away and walked.

"Damn it! how am I supposed to get laid now?" Rebecca shook her head. "I'm not exactly a good girl"

"Oh I know. your just like your dad at that age." Alex took offense.

"I'm nothing like Wesk-"

"I'm talking about your actual dad...the one who's raised you. Greg." Alex sighed. "We can go catch a movie or something after I'm done. they just wanted me to help them on something."

"I'm bored as fuck." Rebecca shook her head. "Your my aunty." Alex laughed and hugged her. Rebecca smiled shook her head and hugged the dirty blonde back.

"yup wouldn't have it any other way. we can go." Rebecca wrote something on. note and placed it in the folder.

"Can we go to the pool? cute guys there."

"Guys aren't my thing. I don't understand you anymore." Rebecca shook her head.

"I'm determined to make Jack jealous or some shit." Alex told her.

"You really have a mouth on you. but alright whatever pool it is." Rebecca chuckled.
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February 5, 2013
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